Mittwoch, 17.04.2013 ab 20.30 Uhr


Darcy, “The Morrissey of Munich”, has barely been releasing songs for a year,
but he is already sending tremors across the music scene.

His mix of folk, rock and acoustic music and his electric live performances have captivated audiences.
Darcy’s wide mix of influences, from Kerouac to The Kills, from Dylan to Doherty,
have helped him create a unique style, and write songs that represent his multi-national heritage.
He describes himself as “a mutt, a mongrel; a mix of different cultures, languages,
influences, and experiences”, a mix which is heavily reflected in his music.

An international troubadour, Darcy’s songwriting and performances are not to be missed.


“Er nutzt seine Ausbildung im klassischen Gesang, um seine Stimme bis in die oberen Oktaven
zu locken und schafft es dennoch, die Lässigkeit eines klassischen Rock’n’Rollers beizubehalten.” – Süddeutsche Zeitung

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