Ausstellung ab Freitag, 17.10.2014

James Sutherland – Finished. For the moment.


„Many things are called Punk nowadays. Stylish haircuts, Vivienne Westwood’s expensive haute couture and any given upbeat rock song using ‚fuck‘ in its lyrics.
But punk derives from an old expression for rotten wood, meaning junk, garbage, trash or anything that’s not considered to be of any value.
And punk culture is about finding a meaning in things that our society does not care for anymore.
That’s what James Sutherland’s work is doing to the mess that’s called the art of painting abstract.
His impulsive, spontaneous approach to construct a substantial piece of art out of the rubbish our modern pop culture leaves behind is exactly what ‚punk‘ was and is about.
It may seem vintage, but when there’s nothing left of any real value but the rubble we leave behind on our way praying to buy the next big piece of shit, it could just as well be a solution. If there’s anything ‚punk‘ in modern art, it’s now finished. For the moment.“
sus 2014