Samstag, 10.03.2018 ab 22 Uhr


„24 years, over 500 catalogue releases, over 5000 songs and remixes and still going strong!
Compost is one of the most prolific, highly acclaimed and in demand indie labels in Europe.
Compost and its sublabels Compost Black Label, Compost Disco, Drumpoet Community,
Derwin Recordings and Rumpelmusig are standing for quality music, a sophisticated mixture
of electrifying disco, house, techno, soul, jazz and a little bit of pop. XLR8R wrote: „…top
address where electronica meets musicality“. The radio show is hosted by Munich resident
Tom Burclay and Flo Førg with changing guest DJ appearances.“
Stations: Ibiza Sonica, egoFM, ByteFM, Pioneer DJ Radio,… and more

Hosted by:

Groove ambassador Tom Burclay from Munich is devoted to music since his
childhood. He played trumpet in a big band performing classics like Weather
Report`s „Birdland“ or Herbie Hancock`s „Chameleon“. Thus his musical roots are
based on jazz, funk, soul and latin. In 1996, at the age of 16 he got caught by the
Hiphop movement, bought himself a mixer & turntables and started spinning
records. Above Hiphop, his musical horizon continued growing towards Electronic
Music and led him to downbeat, breakbeat, disco and finally afro & disco
influenced tech and deep house.
To satisfy his daily appetite for fresh music, he’s working at Compost Records.
Since 2014 he’s also host of the weekly Compost Black Label Sessions radio show.

FLO FØRG is a Munich based DJ, Producer and Host of the Compost Black Label
Sessions Radioshow. Florian consider DJing as an art form and has always been
inspired by all kinds of music. He is focused on electronic Music but he simply don’t
know any frontiers either in his DJ sets or in his productions. In his Sets, which are
most melodic and soulful, FØRG is playin Deep House, House, Disco and Techno
with different Influences.
Flo shared the stage with artists like: DJ Hell, Mousse T., Ben Mono, Functionist,
Mira, Sepalot…
Club references: The Dame (USA), Celeste (Vienna), Casper (Montenegro), Distillery
(Leipzig), Kong (Munich), Registratur (Munich), Harry Klein (Munich) …