Donnerstag, 17.05.2018 ab 22 Uhr

Flaccus — 7ohm, schoene neue kinder, Brave&Dizzy Rec.
A flowing soundtrack from dizzy breaks to brave surprises with
Flaccus — 7ohm, schoene neue kinder, Brave&Dizzy Rec. ///////////
Elektro, Breakz, DnB, plus Glitch and Noise to the desert and back.

(including 2 or 3 rare Trent Reznor tracks in honour of his birthday.)

Flaccus found his way to Munich in the late 90s and quickly connected with 7ohm and the local underground drum‘n‘bass and music scene. Back in the days you couldn’t really tell, if his project „schoene neue kinder“ was a visual arts collective or a design studio. SNK and Flaccus first contributed with flyers, posters, early digital web art, edgy live visuals, crossover art exhibitions between street and generative art and left their visual marks from Augsburg, Stuttgart, Munich to Berlin, Barcelona and the US, collaborating with different crews, artists and locations.
Today he‘s still into d‘n‘b with 7ohm and the local crews and still taking care of the visual arts core of SNK. But creatives also need to keep moving — so he recently founded Brave&Dizzy Records with some friends in Munich (with first releases including artists like Enik, Funkstörung / Michael Fakesch, Hans Platzgumer / Convertible).

Now this night is going to take you on a ride with a special Brave&Dizzy twist. Like a soundtrack to a non-existing independent movie. Plus some rare Trent Reznor tracks to honour his birthday. 
Hope you‘re brave enough. We take care of the dizz.