Corleone kindly presents …. CORLEONE DUBS

Once people start to refer to a music bar as a ‚second living room‘ or simply ‚home’ then you know that this can’t be an ordinary place to spend your after-work hours. Throughout the last decade Michaela Schembari and Uli Gansloser manifested their vision of a melting pot for open minded musicians and visual artists as well as a communication platform for creative people of all ages and different backgrounds. Right in the heart of Munich you will find that small bar called Corleone that never fails to create unity amongst the many and which quickly became an important instance in the city’s sub-culture.

As an act of solidarity during Covid-19, residents dj’s and friends of the bar joined forces and collected musical material to create „Corleone Dubs“ – an eclectic compilation series representing the colorful musical soul of the bar and its monthly program, ranging from soulful beats to house and heavy bass music.

All profits of this release will be forwarded directly to the donation campaign of Corleone which you can also support directly over here:

We’d like to thank all of your for your for your help and contribution!