Samstag, 30.04.2022 ab 22 Uhr

Danny Scrilla & Jay Scarlett

A man with few words, German producer Danny Scrilla a.k.a. Daniel Pirkl prefers to let his music speak for itself. With his background deeply embedded and heavily influenced by soundsystem culture, it is unsurprising that that his music embodies the sounds of dub and roots, with Reggae and Dancehall being a core focus during his involvement with Rise & Shine in his formative years.

Previously based in Berlin and London, he now resides in Munich. Known for his minimalist approach to electronic dub and his work on Om Unit’s Cosmic Bridge imprint since 2012, he also received critical acclaim for his release “Fluxus” (2013) on Civil Music, with remixes done by Deep Medi’s dubstep goliath Goth-Trad and multi-faceted producer Deft. However, his full-length debut album “Ancient Musical Box” (2017) marks a cardinal milestone in his music career – translating not only a deeply personal and intimate collection of thought and ideas, but also storytelling through an experimental sonic journey out of his comfort zone. His impressive work rate also include recent collaborations with Sam Binga (Critical Music), Kromestar (Deep Medi Musik) and his debut on both AMIT’s label AMAR and TMSV’s Perfect Records.

Jay Scarlett

Producer/ Dj Club/Radio Journalist & independent A&R Jay Scarlett has been collecting music since the age of 15.
Mainly started collecting classic Soul,Electro, House & hip-hop Genre’s.
His soul interest developed into more of a broad spectrum of music.

Jay Has been involved in pirates & internet radio Pure DM back in 95. M94.5 Bassboulevard Show (Munich) Japanese/Worldwide Internet Station Samurai FM “Amp soul Generation”. Syndications with Ness radio (Morocco) which he uses to bridge the gap between bedroom novice producers and rising vocal artists in all scenes of present music.