Freitag, 05.01.2024 ab 22 Uhr

Welcome to 2024, and what better way to kick off the year than with the return of FAB5 at Corleone on the 5th of January!

FAB5 is a celebration of passion and shared vibes, inviting music enthusiasts to share their favorite tracks. The concept of FAB5 spans various genres such as soul, R&B, rap, soulful house, Latin, jazz, Afro, funk, and disco, promising a diverse range of musical experiences.

At FAB5, participants curate their personal FAB5TRACKS.


  • Internet_Princess_1991
  • Sara (Witch Craft FM)
  • Phil Kamp
  • Mikey Gee
  • Raw`N´Funkie
  • Sujazz
  • Tuff Rubber
  • Taran Frisch
  • … more to come 😉

Get ready for a night of incredible music and positive vibes FABMUSIC – FABVIBE – FAB5!!

PS: It’s Julogz’s birthday